Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Juvia's Place - 5pc Single Shadow Bundle $4


Juvia's Place has the 5 Single Pan Shadow Bundle on sale again for $4.00.  This is a fantastic deal and an awesome way to familiarize yourself with the brand.  Shipping is only $3.50 and you can still use a promotional code with the deal ("dupethat" or "trendmood" work).  Remember that you will receive a random assortment of colors.  I received the exact shades shown below and the finger swatches were impressive.  I can't speak to the blendability or longevity as I haven't applied them yet.      www.juviasplace.com

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  1. This deal is currently showing out of stock. It has been coming in and out of stock for a few days now. If you are interested in purchasing, make sure you submit the "Email When Available" button on the page.